Signs to Start Installing a Water Filter System in Your Home

Water quality is an issue that is often in the news. People are increasingly concerned about the water quality they use for washing, cooking, and drinking. Simple filter jugs are not enough when high concentrations of water contaminants enter homes through the main water supply. As we know, there are many types of well water filtration systems. So, each household has different filtration needs.

Well Water Filter

This is due to the type of contamination and how the household uses the water. A filtration system is needed to treat all water in a home with the high mineral content of toxic chemicals. The following scenarios will help you determine the requirements for water filtration systems in a household.

Bad-Taste Water

The answer to the question of whether the water is terrible is yes. Many things can affect the taste or smell of water. Some people describe the smell as an earthy, musty wood odor. Since chlorine is used in municipal water treatment, there can be a chlorine smell. The metallic taste can also come from a lead, mercury, arsenic, and iron that have entered the water supply.

A whole-house water filtration system is a good investment for homeowners who are concerned about bad-tasting water. It is convenient to drink tap water. You can still drink from water bottles, but if you don’t want to spend the money on water bottles, you can buy a filtration system that will save you a lot of money. Do you want to have water bottles in your house 24 hours a day?

Stains on Dishes and Clothes After Washing

After you wash your dishes or clothes, evaluate the changes. Some chemicals in water can leave stains on clothes. Sometimes the water may appear cloudy or pale. Clothes may be discolored by metals such as iron, copper, or manganese. Iron can leave a rusty stain. Look for colors after you wash your clothes. You can also look in a glass of water to see if any deposits float to the bottom. These are signs that the iron content may be high.

Copper has a metallic taste and leaves a blue-green color. Manganese also leaves a bitter metallic taste and can stain clothes black or dark brown. You should have your water tested if you notice that your clothes or kitchen tap water is discolored. You should then get a filter to make sure you have purified, metal-free water.

Well Water as the Source

Well Water FilterIn the United States, many households still use well water. These private wells are safe and provide clean, healthy water. However, in some states, pesticides and other chemicals have been used to contaminate wells. Although charcoal filters sound appealing, they cannot remove all the harmful chemicals from the water. You need to install a filtration system throughout your home to get safe water.

You can make sure you and your family are protected from harmful chemicals by installing a whole-house filtration system. It is clearer, safer, and more delicious for you and your family.