Zara’s List ICU Ward

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This is a list of dogs who are currently in our Intensive Care Unit at Zara’s List Hospital. Ok, so there’s no hospital but our fearless volunteers have tackled some of the hardest cases and most time consuming cases and the rescue foots the bill. We can’t save every dog and our rescue can’t take in every medical case but we are able to do amazing things by budgeting our money and by the help of the community. Along with the great services of our vet’s who often give us a discounted rate (even then the bills can be in the thousands), we have volunteers who are willing to take time above and beyond what a normal foster would require in order to help rehabilitate a dog.

Zara’s List, as of Dec. 2005, has taken in 23 broken leg dogs. You will see them referred to as BLD’s. When you have that many, you find acronyms that work. Some have only needed to be X-rayed and then casted for 2-3 months, others have required extensive surgeries and yet still some have required eventual amputation. Sometimes amputation is the most cost-effective way to treat a leg injury but we never choose that option unless there is no hope for the leg to recover and only if our vet says it’s necessary. So most of the time you’ll see our BLD’s “waving” their casts!

We also have taken in countless number of hit-by-car dogs. Yes, acronym number #2, HBC. We almost always have a few in our fosters recovering. Their recovery is sometimes the longest and require the most extensive work. Most are unable to walk, have to be carried outside and require crate rest sometimes up to 6 months. Depending on the injuries often surgery is an option.

And then there are the assortment of other dogs who are recovering from bite wounds, injuries caused by humans or simply neglect. But nonetheless those dogs also require a substantial amount of time. If you are interested in sponsoring a dog or making a donation for the bill of a specific dog, please see the donation button at the bottom.

We also are always in need of someone who has an open home that wishes to help foster an ICU dog. We provide all the financial resources for the care of the dog but it takes the warm hands, heart and home of wonderful folks in our community to bring them back to wholeness.