About Zara

About Zara’s List…each and every person in the organization has a story that details their journey. Some have been around for years and others have just recently joined our group. As a whole we are all committed to saving as many animals as we possibly can from euthanasia in our local shelters or intercepting those who are on their way to the shelter. We strive to educate those around us on animal welfare issues as well as the necessity of spaying/neutering our companion animals to stop the endless tide of killing in our shelters.
We have grown by leaps and bounds and almost weekly we have new foster homes that jump on board with us or have new volunteers that step up to take on the responsibility of helping save more lives.

Zara’s List was initially a very small group with only 2 or 3 foster homes and now has close to 20 foster homes. We have a large group of volunteers who help walk the shelters, run animals to the vets, clean cat cages and help at our adoption site. This rescue has taken on a life of its own and that was exactly the purpose. The goal is not to have it be one person’s rescue but rather a “community” rescue.