Larson family

They came into the rescue not having any four legged friends at home. All their own dogs had all passed from old age and well, there had never been another one that caught their eye. But what did catch their eye was the sign at adoptions that said, “Foster Homes needed…” Marilyn thought it might be a good idea and a way to have dogs in the house without the responsibility of the lifetime commitment. She thought they’d foster a few dogs and when their time was up to go off to a new home, that wouldn’t be a problem.

That was until they met Chipper the emaciated, scared to death, older Chi who only wanted to hide and well, he needed them and so, gosh, just this one, they’d adopt themselves….But that was going to be the only one and it was because he needed them…Then the litter with the runt that tried to die, so they kept her because after all that effort, how do you ever adopt her out? And then that one foster where they brought her in for adoptions and the kids sobbed as they left that Saturday morning and soon, we got a call to “Please not adopt out Sassy. We can’t live without her…”, so of course Sassy had to go back home to stay…and now they have their houseful of their own dogs and they keep things exciting by adding a Mom and litter into the mix as well.

Marilyn and John Larson and their grandchildren, Kara and Daniel are one of our puppy foster homes. Most mornings you can find Kara in the epen with the puppies on her lap as she holds them and plays with them. Daniel is our “photographer apprentice” in the house and his first voyage into picture taking landed some darn good shots! The kids are learning to be responsible and care for Moms and litters and of course Grandma and Grandpa are right there to lend a hand as well. For all the activity that must go on, it’s a relative calm and ease as you enter their beautiful home.
And you can’t forget Great Grandpa. He always finds one in the litter to spoil and sometimes it’s just Momma he falls in love with but he always has someone there he calls his own.

There’s nothing like the whole family joining in to help save lives. The Larson’s show us that it’s all in a day’s work to be a foster family!