Have you said any of these?

“If I could, I would take all of them.” How many times have you said that? You don’t need to take them all, but you can certainly help save a few! As the saying goes, “Saving one dog may not make a difference to the world, but it makes a world of difference to that dog!”

“We would love to foster, but we just don’t have the time.” Yes you do. All of us work, have families & other responsibilities, just like you do!

“We will get too attached.” We certainly hope so! That is what makes it so rewarding to watch these babies go into fabulous homes, then keep in touch with the adoptive families! A few years from now, you will still be getting Christmas card photos of pups you helped save!

“We don’t have a big back yard.” These are puppies who will be adopted out when they are 2 months old, they don’t need an Olympic sized field. In most cases, a simple patio is enough!

There is absolutely no person more valuable to a rescue organization than a foster parent. In fact, animal rescue would be almost impossible if it weren’t for the caring souls willing to open their hearts and their homes to these animals in desperate need of a temporary, loving environment.

We provide all the food, supplies, and medical treatment while the pet is in your care, but as always we are grateful for any help we might receive from the foster parent. You provide the love, shelter, and socialization until a pet is adopted. If you have kids, it’s a great way to let them have the fun of caring for & playing with a litter of puppies. You will have the fun of watching the pups grow & develop individual personalities! When the pups are 2 months old, they will be adopted out into wonderful families & you will be a part of making that happen!

Foster parenting entails nothing more than allowing an animal who is in the rescue’s system to stay in your home and receive the love, nurturing and daily care that any animal deserves until he or she finds a permanent home. It requires a 4 to 8 week commitment, depending on how long the dog is with us. It’s not nearly as intimidating as it may sound; it’s extremely fun & very rewarding. Our foster homes are wonderful people with normal everyday jobs & routines just like you!

We desperately need your help!