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A big THANK Dr. Bart and his staff at Animal Medical Center of Corona. They provide excellent care for our rescue animals and we'd be lost without them! Need a new vet? Check them out:
Congratulations on opening your new office.
We are thrilled to be partners with you and look forward to saving many lives!
Animal Medical Center of Corona
261 S. Lincoln Ave., STE G
Corona, CA 92882
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Special Thanks to all the wonderful people that have donated to our Organization.  We could not have done this job without you. 
2007 Donors
2008 Donors
The Schultz Family
The Tucker Family (donated on their behalf by the
Schultz Family)
Dave & Rhetta Schultz
Noelle Forbes
Christine Nesser
Monal Hurry
Dale Nidey
Ingrid Morse
Craig & Kandace Summers
Jennifer Rangel
Bonnie and Bryan Swartz
Amanda Arroyo
Rochelle and John Hancock
Carmen Frought (help with transportation & grant
writing as well)
Nancy B. McKenney, Exec. Director The Petfinder
(for help w/evaluating website)
Noelle Forbes & Dr. Matthew Crowley
The Feldman Family (Cathy Gillis sent in on their
Gayle Anderson
Katie Casey, Formula (KTLA)
Caroline Kenney
Ed &Cathy Gillis in memory of Spector Olson
Brad Albert
Sharon Fleming 
Samuel Corona and Edna Salvador
Dottie & Murray Tarshis
Leah Monson
Cyndi Wong
Cynthia Palm
Debbie Martin
Dale Nidey (multiple times)
Jacqueline Nelson
Thalia Patricio
Dian Burris (multiple times)
Teri Laughlin
Leah Monson
You have truly made the difference in the type of dogs we are able to save and because of all that you do for us we save so many more lives. Whereas we once couldn't take all the "make-over" dogs, we now know that when we take them in, you'll work your magic.

Those who were once left behind and had no chance of escaping the shelter simply because someone didn't groom them no longer haunts us. We know that we'll take them now! Your continued support and commitment to helping us save lives is immeasurable.
Zoe, Gracie, Cardi, Dexter, Girlie, Ruby, Daphinie, Sasha and Abbey.
Dottie Nadolski, Carolynn Dickey, Jaynee Zummo Donna Owens
To our fabulous grooming staff:
"Gotta dirty dog?"
Visit Donna at the Paw Spa!

Bring your own pooch in to bathe in their self bathing salon or drop off for grooming.

We love you Donna and as always appreciate all your support over the years.