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Ratchet (AKA) Cocoa Puff...
Ratchet was one of  Tiffany’s pups.
Whoo Hoo !!!  Let me tell you about my new home and family !!!
March 18, 2008

I thought you'd like an update. Ratchet is still growing…31 pounds last Saturday. He's lost 9 or 10 of his baby teeth and still chewing on everything. He's quite a complainer when he can't have his way and with the hound in him, makes some pretty pitiful noises but is a happy, playful dog most of the time. He's 'killed' quite a few toys and is getting too big to play tug-of-war with them. I'm thinking of getting a playmate for him so if any of his siblings are 'returned' let me know.

Thanks again,
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