17 May 2007

Hey Tera its Thomas. I adopted Fitzwilliam last saturday and I just wanted to let you know that he is a great little puppy. He is always full of energy haha. Well the main reason I wanted to send you an update is because I wanted to show you a picture of him sleeping. It is so funny!! Apparently he forgot that he is a puppy and thinks he is a human because he sleeps like a human. Haha look at it! I attached it on this mail. Thanks a lot.

Fitz Sleeping

6 June 2007

Hey Tera and Julie Im just sending another update on Fitzwilliam. Hes 12 weeks now and he will get more shots on Saturday. Everything is going great! Let me tell you a story about his potty training its amazing.

His Potty Training Story:

OK. So when he first came home, like all dogs, he peed and pooped on the floor. I would take him outside to pee every two hours but he still went in our house. Think of how worried we were when he was home alone! We expected poop on the ground when we got home from school. What we expected we saw. So he DID go to the bathroom on the carpet. So what we decided to do was use the box training method. The box training method is where you take the puppy and put him in a box with all his toys and his bed. Its like his dog house but he cant get out to pee. Someone would have to take him out so he can pee. But I tried it and he cried in the box and I felt so bad that I took him out. The box training method was only used for like 2 minutes. Haha. So I asked my neighbor with a dog, "Hey how do you potty train your dog?" And she says use newspapers. She wasn't specific or anything so I was like, "Pfft.. OK." So I cut open one side of the box where he can enter and get out and I put newspapers in there. And guess what? When I am not home to take him to the backyard he just does his business in the box with newspaper!! The amazing thing is.. I didn't even teach him! I just laid it down. So now I don't worry about him going to the bathroom on the floor!


OK. Back to Fitz. Hes doing good, eating well, growing, and now I take him on walks everyday after school.

Oh and by the way, remember when I said I was going to make a doggy door to the backyard? Well we couldn't do it so were lucky that he goes on the newspaper. I just take him outside right away when I get home so he can get some fresh air. OK well thats it so I attached some pictures of him on this email. Thanks! OH and hes gonna do puppy education at a PetsMart. Im sorry I didn't do the obedience class with the person you recommended PetsMart was more comfortable to my parents.

-Thomas Hong

Fitzwilliam was one of Grace Kelly's Royal Court





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