Clifford (AKA) Heathcliffe...


18 Jun 2007 04:14:59 -0500

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Clifford...He is doing wonderful. He literally is beyond loved by so many people. Seriously, love would be an understatement about how he feel about him. He is such a good boy. He loves Ari and I, he is definitely attached to us. Whenever he gets timid (which is a lot considering the large amounts of attention he gets when we leave the house), he'll run underneath our legs and hide. He's actually become better about it, now he just barks at people, it's really funny and cute. He wants to constantly be around us, wherever we are and is always up for snuggling. It's hard being mad at him when he's naughty, because he KNOWS that he is cute- so he'll do what he can, just to be cute and get out of trouble. And since he is such a good boy, he is hardly ever in trouble. He poos and pees outside, you do have to take him out though- otherwise he'll have his accidents. He already knows how to sit on command, lay down (when you have a treat), and I couldn't believe it- but today, he was actually giving me a five on command (I tried teaching him one day, but I didn't think he was absorbing it yet.) He knows his name and he knows a few other commands (such as, "no," "get down," and "come here). I think he is very smart since he is always around us, so he thinks he's one of the humans. And yes, he sprawls out on the bed like a human (just like his brother does). Attached are some pictures of Cliffy (along with my boyfriend and my best friend) at the beach this past memorial weekend. He loves the sand! We go to the dog beach a few times a week, and he just digs and plays in the sand forever. It was hard to get a good picture of him in action, and his wrinkly puppy face makes him look down, but he is definitely one happy boy!
p.s. Don't mind the "no dogs on the beach" sign- we were allowed after 5pm :->
I'm so glad I found my little angel.
Thanks so much,

Clifford (AKA) Heathcliffe was one of Grace Kelly's Royal Court




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