Charlie (AKA) Cyclone...


7 Jun 2007

I just wanted to give you an update on "Charlie", as we call him now, aka Cyclone. He has been the perfect dog for me. Besides the chewing/biting stage he is pretty well behaved. He doesnt bark unless he is super excited playing, he rarely whines anymore; and never when he goes to bed in his kennel. He is doing really well at being housetrained. Sometimes I take him to class with me and hell go right to sleep on my lap, lol, no one even notices him. He still has to learn to walk on a leash, but when he doesnt have one on, he follows me everywhere anyway. He is such a people dog, or should I say ankle dog; he likes to bite ankles. He can run almost faster than me. We will be moving into our new house soon, and he will love the yard. He is definitely a handful, but well worth it. I cant stop taking pictures of him, so enjoy.
Thanks, Lacey


Charlie (AKA) Cyclone was one of Grace Kelly's Royal Court



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