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Grace Kelly and Her Royal Court ...
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March 17,  2007

Grace Kelly and her Royal Court:
Puppies born March 14, 2007

"Hi, I understand you take Moms and puppies."

"Yes, our rescue does!"

"We have a Cocker mom and 4 puppies and we were wondering if you would be able to take them. The pups were just born today..."

As it so happened, we were ready and waiting for a brand new mom and pups as we'd just had a family come in and express interest in fostering. So we sent a transportation volunteer off to get the Mom and 4 pups and bring them to the brand new foster home. Now, there is always some trepidation when it comes to new fosters but 4 pups was a good size litter to start off and Mom was nice and appeared to be taking good care of her pups the shelter said, so we were fairly confident we were settling this family up for success.

Boy, were we in for a surprise. Boy were they in for a surprise!

Sure, Mom was a good mom. Sure there were 4 5. Yup. Apparently Mom wasn't done whelping and by the time we got there we were taking to a brand new foster, a Mom and 9 puppies...And so the adventure began.

Our brand new foster took it all in stride. Mom and pups are settled in and foster home proved they're old pro's in spirit and deed.

Look for Grace Kelly and her royal court to be available for adoption in mid May.
March 23,  2007
Grace Kelly Worlds Best Mother
Grace Kelly's Boy #1 Heathcliff
Grace Kelly's Boy #2 Sirius
Grace Kelly's Boy #3 Fitzwilliam
Grace Kelly's Boy #4 Cyclone
Grace Kelly's Boy #5 Charlie
Grace Kelly's Girl #1 Daisy
Grace Kelly's Girl #2 Violet
Grace Kelly's Girl #3 Rose
Grace Kelly's Girl #4 Tulip
GraceKelly's Sleeping Siblings 5 Days Old
April 12,  2007

4 Week Update

Fitzwilliam- always happy to be held, he used to be the smallest of the brown clan but caught up to his big brother Heathcliff and it's now hard to tell the two apart.

Rose- our tiny Rose is blossoming. She was a bit of a worry for us because she was so small but she has held her own. She was one of the first to eat the puppy mush and did so very daintily too.( no standing in the food for her!)

Tulip- a very mild-mannered, easy going kind of gal.

Sirius- Our BIG guy. Loves to run around and play, it doesn't matter if anyone else wants to join him he has fun all by himself.

Daisy- What a cutie, we all love Daisy and she already loves to give kisses.

Violet- Wow! She's the biggest girl and a go getter, she likes attention but not by whinning, she just seems to be the one to get noticed.

Heathcliff- We always knew which one he was by the size of his neck(big) but he's grown into it and some others are catching up.

Charlie-He's our little guy but not little on personality. He was the first one to climb out of the kiddy pool( he did it several times before the others caught on) one of the first to eat the food and he is the one that always does his business on the newspaper. If there is one wandering off we know its Charlie.

Cyclone- Well, Cyclone has not actually lived up to his name. When he was a week to 2 weeks old he would plow over everyone to get the milk, if someone was whinning and restless we knew it was Cyclone. Not anymore! He is the sweet loving little guy that will rest his head on your shoulder as soon as you pick him up.
Grace Kelly's Tulip 4 weeks
Grace Kelly's Daisy 4 weeks
Grace Kelly's Fitzwilliam 4 weeks
Grace Kelly's Rose 4 weeks
Grace Kelly's Sirius 4 weeks
27 Apr 2007

6 week update

This is a very loving litter. Every single one of them want us to hold and love them. They are all very playful but as soon as you pick them up they stop playing and want to cuddle or give kisses. They are smart and most will use the newspaper for pottytime. They also enjoy being with the other dogs in the household.

We will miss them all when they are adopted.
Hello from the Gang at 6 weeks
Grace Kelly's Charlie 6 weeks
Grace Kelly's Daisy 6 weeks
Grace Kelly's Fitzwilliam 6 weeks
Grace Kelly's Rose 6 weeks
Grace Kelly's Tulip 6 weeks
Grace Kelly's Violet 6 weeks
Grace Kelly's Sirius 6 weeks
Grace Kelly's Cyclone 6 weeks
Grace Kelly's Heathcliff 6 weeks
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