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Many of the dogs we bring in are so poorly neglected, it takes an Extreme Makeover to bring them back to their "normal" look

These are a few of their "Before" and "After" pictures.
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She lay huddled in the corner in of her cage at the shelter. She looked up from her ragged body of fur begging for someone, anyone to help her. Her gruesome looks made folks either respond in horror or laugh uneasily. How does someone let a dog get this bad? How does someone care so little for a dog that they don't even bother to groom them for months and sometimes years???

For those of us who visit the shelter regularly Ella is just one in a hundred we've seen and see on a daily basis. A dog who has been so neglected for so long that their fur is literally ripping away at the skin. We know that with a grooming this ugly duckling can soon become a dazzling swan. And so Ella is the first in our series of "Extreme Makeovers."
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She was thrown away in the shelter like yesterday's trash. The truth is she didn't know anything different as she'd obviously never been well taken care of and didn't know what it really meant to be loved. Who knows when the last time she'd been groomed if ever. Her coat was so matted they could have taken it off in one piece when she did finally get groomed.

She had cowered in the corner at the shelter scared out of her mind. She didn't respond to treats or even a gentle voice. Terror registered over her face. When you picked her up she urinated all over herself. This kind of fear brings even the toughest of veterans to their knees.

After a few days in the foster home she begin to seek out attention when she realized that she would get it. She ate like she'd never eaten before and she slowly began to become a different dog. But by far the greatest transformation occurred after she was groomed. As her coat came off it was as if she awoke. She ran and played and jumped and rolled on the ground like it was a brand new day. And for our little Ruby, it is a brand new day!

Our hope with each makeover is not only for the public to see what a difference grooming makes but also for those who do go to the shelter to consider giving a dog who isn't groomed a chance. You don't know what kind of jewel may be under that matted fur! We also would like the groomers in our community who are committed to animals to consider volunteering to groom shelter dogs even once a month as it could mean the difference between life and death for them.
He stole the heart of an Animal Control Officer and it was his saving grace. It took the networking of several rescues and a 5 hour voyage for this boy to find us. We were thrilled to take him in. We knew under all the fur that there was a boy just waiting to greet the world and he'd be a handsome stud. We were not disappointed. He's a beauty. And now he's looking for his new home that won't let him get overgrown and will take him to the groomers regularly.

Three year old Garlic is now a bathing beauty!
She was a mess but boy, does she clean up good!
No one wanted him at the shelter. You could see people hurrying past his cage. He smelled, he had stickers and foxtails sticking out all over him. You couldn't pick him up without getting stuck with the foxtails. We could see what he would become and thankfully we stopped in that day before he was euthanized. He was a mess. Our vet pulled over 20 foxtails out of his ears alone.

As soon as he was groomed and ready to find his new home, the emails flooded in for him. He went from unwanted to a hot commodity!
Makeover5.8_sorbet Makeover5.5_sorbet
Makeover5.6_sorbet Makeover5.7_sorbet
She weighed 12lbs. with her coat (fur) on. Once it was shaved off she weighed 7.9lbs. She was horrifically emaciated, her coat was one of the worst we've seen as she couldn't even walk with her head up as all the rest of her coat was pulling on her. The fur was wrapped around her legs making it impossible for her to be able to go to the bathroom without getting it on herself. Many tears were shed as the coat came off and then when she was the beautiful girl she transformed into with the help of our fabulous groomers.

She showed her true Spirit as she kissed the groomer and jumped for glee once her whole coat was off.
Makeover6.6_spirit Makeover6.7_spirit
Makeover6.8_spirit Makeover6.9_spirit
Poor little guy just sat and shook the entire time he was at the shelter. His body was covered in weeds, matts, foxtails and he was miserable. He had a hard time walking because of all the matted fur. When we picked him up and hugged him, he clung to us. We could feel all of the stickers and pokey weeds in him but it had been a long time since someone had held him and we had to show him that he was loved. We promised him he'd never look like that again. Once he was groomed he began to blossom. His true personality just shines and shows how happy he is to be finally taken care of and loved.
Makeover7.5_sabre Makeover7.7_sabre
His coat wasn't that bad. It was a different kind of problem. He just smelled to high heaven. Woooeee. But we know that smell is only temporary and a good grooming and he's a beauty. He was the first of the group to find his new home.
Makeover8.3_saucy Makeover8.4_saucy