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Your Donations Go a Long Way.

Savings Homeless Animals' Lives Cost Money.  Although we do charge an adoption fee when the pets are adopted, it's only a very small portion of what it cost to save that animal's life.  Donations from generous people like you makes a huge difference.

No Donation is Too Small ... and is as simple as a couple of mouse clicks away.

Zara's List accepts donations...through PayPal, a safe and secure way to send money over the Internet. To learn more about PayPal,
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If you don't have a PayPal account and are not comfortable with setting one up, no problem, we also accept donations by check.  Please write the ICU Pet's name in the Memo section and mail the check to the address shown in the Contact Us section.
Here's how your donations help.
All animals we rescue receive the following services:
Shots current
Dogs receive DHPP and Rabies if 4 months or older
Cats receive 4 in 1 with Leukemia
Dewormed with Drontal (prescription dewormer)
Flea control: Advantage, Frontline or Revolution
Cats are Leukemia tested
Surgeries we have covered in the past twelve months:
Please visit our
ICU Ward to see the actual pets that we have helped.
Entropian: reversed eye lashes typically seen on Chows & Shar Peiís
Cherry eye (third eye) removal
Ear flush
Teeth cleaning and extractions on older dogs and neglected dogs who have dental needs
Hernia removals
Fox tail removals
Leg removal
Multiple broken leg repairs
Anterior leg repair
Pyrometrius surgery
Tumor removals
Medical needs that have been covered
Mange treatment (Demodectic and Sarcoptic)
Uterine infections
Upper respiratory infections
Kennel cough infections
Parvo virus
Distemper virus
Diabetes diagnosis and treatment
Epilepsy diagnosis and treatment
Non-Medical donation uses:
Food for cats and dogs (dry and canned varieties)
Dog runs
Dog and cat beds
Exercise pens
Bottle feeding supplies
Kitty Litter
Camera for website pictures
Shelter fees to rescue animals
Obedience training
Website fees
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