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Q: Where is Zara's List located?
A: We are a private rescue organization located in the heart of the Inland Empire, Corona and neighboring cities . We are not a shelter. We are a foster home network so all of the animals in our rescues live in foster homes.

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Q: What is the adoption process?

A: We ask that you first review our list of available animals on our Pet List. From there click on the picture of the dog who you are interested in which takes you to the detailed biography on the dog. If the biography fits and is a match for your family, please go to our Application page and fill out an application. From there email the application to us and we will contact you to set up either an appointment to meet during the week or first thing on Sat. morning.

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Q: Where do the dogs at Zara's List come from?

A: The majority of the dogs come to us from city and county shelters in Riverside County and Los Angeles County . These are dogs who would likely not make it out of the shelters without our assistance. We specialize in dogs who have medical maladies - some who have been hit by cars or abused; some with eye issues, bladder/kidney conditions, patellar problems or just plain neglected. On a space available, case-by-case basis, we will accept owner turn-ins (OTI).

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Q: Do the dogs you rescue stay in a kennel or are they in foster homes?

A: The dogs at Zara's List live in foster homes, they do not stay in cages or kennels. These dogs have been through enough and our goal is to make them feel safe, secure and loved. We feel that the best way to evaluate a dog’s personality is by living in a home environment, with a family, with other dogs, being socialized and reintroduced to the world. This is not to say that the dog’s personality won’t change over time, and we pretty much guarantee that once they are comfortable in your home, this will happen. Our foster families work on training to some extent, but we believe that the new guardians must be prepared to take on this task. Foster parents can identify issues that the dogs might have that need attention and/or correction.

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Q: How long are the dogs in foster homes before they are adopted?

A: Our foster dogs are with us a minimum of two weeks if they are from a shelter. This is the required time to insure the dog is not incubating a canine disease. From there they are with us until they are adopted. If the dog is well vaccinated and is an owner surrender with adoption information, he/she could be available immediately or whatever it takes to insure their adoptability. They live in a home environment with lots of love and attention, not to mention toys treats and training, when necessary!!

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Q: Do you have any history on the dogs?

A: Unless the dog is listed as an owner turn-in (OTI), we rarely have any history. On the rare occasions where we do have background, we will include it in the dog’s biography. We will discuss all known issues, medical information and behavior with potential adopters prior to adoption. Most of the dogs are rescued as strays and even when owners turn them into the shelters, information provided is limited. It is our responsibility to disclose to any potential adopter any issues that we know about the animal, which we do in all cases. But unfortunately, we can only share with you what we know from our experience with each specific animal.

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Q: How old are the dogs you rescue?

A: The dogs we rescue range in ages from young to old. We have a variety of mixed breed dogs from puppies to seniors. We have a special concern for the seniors who are dumped in the shelters, so frequently we have dogs that are special needs and over the age of 10 yrs old. We highly encourage any family who is interested in adopting and saving a life to consider an adult or senior dog. Usually, the personalities of these dogs are more defined and if you work, are gone all day or have never had a dog before, they are typically easier than young dogs who require training.

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Q: If the dog is a stray, how do you know how old it is?

A: Age is estimated by evaluating the eyes and teeth and overall medical condition of the animal. We pride ourselves on being as accurate as possible, but with so many variables, we can only estimate. In most cases, we will “over” estimate a dog’s age before under estimating!!

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Q: Can you send me more information on this dog?

A: All the information we have on each dog is usually contained in the written profile on or 1-800-Save-A-Pet. They are also temperament tested during their stay, so that we can give you our professional opinion on how they appear to be with kids, other dogs and people; what they like/don’t like, habits, etc. One thing we’ll never guarantee is that they are housebroken (a pleasant surprise when they turn out to be!).

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Q: Do you train dogs at Zara's List?

A: We do not take responsibility for housetraining the dogs at Zara's List, however, we will work with them while they are in our charge to the best of our ability. As far as obedience training, we strongly encourage our adopters to attend obedience training so the adoption is successful. We work with a wonderful trainer, Barbara Davis,, who does group and in home training. Most of our foster parents have taken classes from Barbara with their own pets.

What is important to understand is that many times, these dogs are in the wrong home to begin with…maybe with young children, or puppies in senior homes, or too much freedom or no training whatsoever and the dog’s behavior becomes unruly. Zara's List is a huge proponent of training, whether it is Obedience or Behavioral. We believe that training will help to insure having a dog who is part of the family and lives out his life in the adopted home.

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Q: Do you adopt out of state?

A: No, we generally do not adopt out of state. There is no reason to put a highly adoptable animal through the stress of being transported long distance if we can find a home locally. It is also difficult for us to keep track of the dog, perform home checks; and most difficult to get a dog back if the adoption does not work out.

That being said, under special circumstances (usually only with a special needs or behaviorally challenged dog), we will consider an out of state adoption on a case-by-case basis. However, an extensive phone interview would be required; and you would need to come to our location in Corona, CA to personally meet the dog of your choice. If there are other dogs in the family, those dogs would also need to come to meet the ‘new’ dog. A home check would be mandatory prior to confirming an adoption. In the event an out-of-state adoption is approved, the adoptive family would be responsible for any and all expenses associated with the transport of the dog to its new home location, an agreed upon adoption donation, and any expenses connected with returning the dog to Rescue, in the event the adoption is not successful.

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Q: Do you adopt outside Southern California ?

A: We will consider an adoption to the right home outside of Southern California. However, the same policies would apply as those for an out-of-state adoption (see above.).

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Q: What is a home check?

A: Prior to finalizing an adoption, a representative of Zara's List will visit your home to see where the dog will be living. The goal here is not to be invasive but to insure the best environment for the dog. Since we’ve had first-hand experience with each animal, we can advise you of areas to be cautious (i.e., if it is a jumper, escape artist, garbage can junkie or just likes to open the refrigerator and get a snack!) and help you make adjustments, if/where necessary. This is done to guarantee the ultimate protection of the dog so that both canine and parents enjoy the best experience!

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Q: How much does it cost to adopt from Zara's List?

A: There is a minimum adoption donation for each dog which ranges from $150-400, depending on the age and breed. All dogs are spay/neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, given flea control and groomed and microchipped. If medication, surgery or behavioral training is indicated, Zara's List pays for these procedures before any adoption is completed.

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Q: Why is there an adoption donation?

A: Zara's List is a not-for-profit, all volunteer organization that solely relies on donations for its existence. Last year, we spent 79% of our donations on medical care for the animals. We pay all expenses for each of the dogs out of pocket, which include adoption fees to the shelters; vet exams; vaccinations; spay/neutering; microchip; grooming; flea control; and de-worming for every dog. We have any surgical procedures, x-rays, medication and/or behavioral training done where needed. Without donations, Zara's List could not survive.

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Q: Why can I adopt a dog from a County shelter for $55 and it is $250 to adopt from a rescue organization?

A: We highly encourage the public to visit the shelters to find a dog if they (1) do not have another animal (2) don’t have any kids (3) are looking to save a life (4) would consider a senior dog (5) have the means to handle a medical expense that might occur. However, if you do not fit into any of these categories, we recommend going through rescue. When you get a dog from a shelter, you have no information about the dog’s behavior, personality or medical status. You don’t know if the dog is good with other dogs, kids, people, cats or what issues the dog might have. One of the benefits of adopting from a rescue organization is that we evaluate the dog and can provide you with a good deal of this information.

Additionally, when you get a dog from the shelter, it is usually in pretty poor condition. Dog may have a simple case of kennel cough or something more serious….you never know. The truth is, you can pay that $37-105 bail fee….and end up spending far more than $250 by the time you are through at the vet's office doing what we do routinely for our dogs. In the long run….rescue is a bargain!

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Q: Do you have a refund/return policy?

A: Our donations are non-refundable. We ask for a significant donation to continue saving the lives we do now but also to eliminate folks who would make a spur of the moment decision on a "cute face" as opposed to making a lifetime commitment. When you adopt a dog, you need to be certain and have no question that this is the dog for you. We believe that by maintaining this policy, adopters will not make snap decisions and be very careful to make the right choice. Adopting a dog is not like buying a pair of shoes….it is bringing a new family member into the household and we want you to be sure when you take a dog home that it’s the right one for you. We will at anytime rehome our dogs who have previously been adopted out but we do not return the donation.

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Q: I can’t keep my dog. Will Zara's List take it for me?

A: While we frown on owner turn-ins (OTI), we recognize that there are situations that arise in life that are unavoidable wherein an animal must be re-homed. We will accept OTI on a space available, case-by-case basis. Naturally, dogs that are in jeopardy of losing their lives in the shelters are our first priority. In the event we do not have room and cannot foster your dog, we will post him/her for you on our web site and assist in its adoption. Please see our "Can't Keep Pets" page on our website for more information.

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Q: Why do so many of your biographies say, "No small children"?

A: Many people are under the misguided impression that small breeds are good with kids. Many of the dogs we rescue are not appropriate for small children and unfortunately we also have experienced many families who do not supervise their children with the dogs and therefore injuries occur either with the children or the dog. If a family shows a history of having small breed dogs and appropriate care with children, we will consider them on a case by case basis. Ultimately all decisions will be made based on the dog in question.

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